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TokoCrypto Exchange

written by: Linda Lee | 24 May 2020

Good news for Indonesian cryptocurrency investors because now we have 2 cryptocurrency exchanges in Indonesia, Indodax and Tokocrypto.

Cryptocurrency exchange is a place where you can trade your cryptocurrency with fiat-Rupiah money. If you don't like the price of Indodax and have problems with KYC, you can go to Tokocrypto.

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Corona Virus Creates Battlefield in Crypto Exchange

written by: Linda Lee | 24 May 2020

The average price of Bitcoin crypto money in the first quarter of 2020 was higher compared to last year, where the price was equivalent to US $ 8,287 Even though the world is currently being hit by the Corona COVID-19 Virus.

The price of Bitcoin last year was only US $ 3,791, as quoted by Cointelegraph, Friday, May 15, 2020. According to Bityard's Branding and Public Relations Manager, Benjamin Novotny, the market is increasingly volatile due to the Corona Virus pandemic, thus making the price of investment instruments decline, including cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency).

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Investors will switch to Altcoin, If Bitcoin experiences a downtrend

written by: Linda Lee | 23 May 2020

Coinbase Research indicates that investors will switch to altcoin as long as the value of BTC is in a downtrend.

Bitcoin is a gateway for the world of Altcoin in the sense that fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin act as determinants of other crypto market dynamics.

Their research shows that of the 60 percent of people who bought BTC (their first purchase), 24 percent later switched to other cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin or Gold?

written by: Linda Lee | 22 May 2020

Bitcoin or Gold, Which one better?

The debate about Bitcoin and gold is heating up along with the recent Covid-19 pandemic. However, there is one thing that is certain, Bitcoin is not gold, let's see why this is so. From the start of the pandemic and other global problems such as the oil price war.

The performance of Bitcoin and other digital currencies is increasing compared to gold and continues to lead to better performance expectations.

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Bitcoin bull getting weaker

written by: Linda Lee | 22 May 2020

Bitcoin analysis & market overview

As i mentioned over past few days the fact bitcoin attemps to break $10.000 level is weaker and weaker over time, The bull momentum keep going weaker.

Droping hashrate on bitcoin mining activity also giving a significant contribution to price plumments $1000 below $9.000 mark.

When article is writen bitcoin bull is slowly loosing its aim, price is declining below $9.000 - $8900 as a next support level.

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Virall!! 50 Bitcoin in 11 years old wallet account Moves for the First Time

written by: Linda Lee | 21 May 2020

Whatever issue is considered astonishing, it can be used by certain parties to play Bitcoin market sentiment. The hottest issue came yesterday, when 50 Bitcoin (BTC) finally "moved" for the first time, since it was mined on February 10, 2009. Bitcoin is considered to belong to Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the mysterious Bitcoin.

The issue practically "shook" the market, because the price of Bitcoin yesterday broke down at least from US $ 9,700 then stuck at US $ 9,300

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Jungle survey / Moretvtime review

written by: Linda Lee | 20 May 2020

At the first begining Jungle survey Was Moretvtime, They provide a service such a watch vidio and get paid, This service is not live longer they stop the service due the bot attack.

No need for long, they made the come back with brand new format service and maybe with better security system.

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Ethereum Downside Risk Dramatically Growing to the Highest Record

written by: Linda Lee | 20 May 2020

At this time Ether's long-term trading position has become a satellite dish on Bitfinex since last February. this happened after many anticipated the Ethereum 1.0 update to Ethereum 2.0 which had been awaited by many parties.

Ethereum daily chart

In addition to the long-term trading position, the short-term trading position also experienced growth. Even the founder of Ether Vitalik Buterin withdrew his convincing predictions last week regarding the launch of ETH 2.0 in July. Bullish risk also causes a very cruel sales action.

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Kim Jong Un Allegedly Mobilizes Hackers,To Steal Cryptocurency in order to Prevent North Korea's Financial Crisis

written by: Linda Lee | 19 May 2020

Kim Jong Un Hackers Group

Kim Jong Un is feared to have deployed a hacker force (hackers), in an effort to prevent North Korea from falling into the financial crisis.

Reporting from the Mirror on Wednesday (05/13/2020), Kim Jong Un is said to have instructed North Korean hacker groups, Lazarus, to steal cryptocurencies such as Bitcoin.

This secret syndicate began to fame in 2014, after hacking Sony Pictures in retaliation for the release of the film The Interview, a comedy about the murder of Kim Jong Un.

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Bitcoin at critical situations

written by: Linda Lee | 18 May 2020

Bitcoin still lack of volatility

First week after halving day, bitcoin price movements are believed to be stable in the range of US $ 8,500 per btc to US $ 10,000 per btc. This condition is estimated to continue throughout 2020.

Technically bitcoin is experienced twice rejection from psicological $10.000 level, first was 7 May and the second was 14 May. and Now bitcoin has a critical situations wich will make the bull step back!

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Why bitcoin is hard to hold $10.000 level in near term?

written by: Linda Lee | 17 May 2020

Bitcoin may be able to hold above US $ 9,000 again, but technical indicators suggest the next higher level may be more difficult to achieve. Even when Bitcoin Halving III started on May 12, 2020, Bitcoin was reluctant to hold above US $ 10.000 level, even though the strengthening had reached 17 percent. Why?

To be sure, the level of US $ 10,000 is resistance, back to October 2019. Indeed, on Thursday it was breached, but then quickly declined.

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Bitcoin bearish scenario that could be happend

written by: Linda Lee | 16 May 2020

Bitcoin mining Hash rate

Bitcoin Hash rate is slowly retreat more and more, is that strong sign that bearish move will come soon than rather?

When this article writen bitcoin price is consolidating on $9.250-$9.500 area. After bitcoin halving event 12 May 2020 posted as non event until now there is no uncertainty that where bitcoin price will heading.

However this bearish scenario is more likely than bullish!

Based to blockchain data, Since 10 May 2020 2 days before halfing, Bitcoin hash rate is drop significantly from 136 million terahash /second to 91 million terahash /second.

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Bitcoin lack of volatility after halving event

written by: Linda Lee | 16 May 2020

Bitcoin asset still the best asset this year

Bitcoin assets have booked big profits this year, with gain almost 170% so far this year, and posted a significant gain few days before halving, The bull soaring and break through the psychological $10,000 level than faced a rejection fall back to the $8,100-$8,600 zone.

With almost all investor already priced in for bitcoin halfing since bitcoin dumped and stabilize on level $3.800, Most likely investor will booked their profit before halving, However the pull back is short lived as bitcoin demand take back control and bring back price to $9.000 or higher zone

Historically after bitcoin halving price will pullback and than start multi month high rally, This is normal as trader booked their gains and bitcoin scarcity is attractive more investor to jump in and reload their positions.

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Faucetpay complete review

written by: Linda Lee | 10 May 2020

Micro wallet multi services

For faucet user Faucethub still the best micro wallet services, and now its just memories, One viral enough micro wallet services is Come only month after faucethub closing, no need long time for to win faucet owner and faucet user attenttion, and now this micro wallet is become one of the best ever.

Faucetpay complete review

I will discuss Faucetpay fitur one by one and rate it as a faucet owner and user.

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